A Viking and a Princess || @redhead-archergirl and @ask-rapunzelofcorona / Hiccup Haddock

Hiccup walked around the forrest where he first saw Toothless, but then he took a different route due to curiosity. The path was long, like, really. He just followed the path with his partner, Toothless the NightFury. He then started to see…a village? It was a village, but it didn’t look like Berk at all. It was filled with happy, innocent people. Well, mostly innocent. He saw the three small twins running around, stealing treats. 

"What have I gotten myself into…?" He sighed, saying that under his breath. He looked at the townspeople, they seemed so different from Berk. All filled with joy and they greeted everyone, even him. But then he saw the castle, where The King and Queen, the princess…lived in. "Oh, gods." He recognized the castle. This place was filled with Celtics, The people from Clan DunBroch. What trouble has he gotten into? A Viking in the place or hideout of the Celtics. Good thing he didn’t look like those macho-macho vikings. 

What was really odd about this, how could they not suspect a rival in their own valley? Why didn’t they get surprised when he had a dragon with him? Did they know about Berk and it’s majestic dragons? He just…he hoped that the King and Queen hasn’t come out from the castle for them to see him. Or he would be screwed.