Anonymous said: no you aren't! people want you! people like you!

A few people like me, a thousand people hate me.

Anonymous said: please don't go!!

I’m unwanted.

ifell-through-theice said: awwww dont gooo

I think I have to delete this stupid account.

:( I hardly use it, when I get on it I see tons of new anon hate, and I lose followers due to my inactivity. 




“Hi there!”

“Oh, Hello there person! Wow, that’s a… bright hair colour you have there.” 

"Kinda natural. Anyways, I’m Rapunzel! You are?"

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"The boy I like is in love with people who are blonde?"

"I’M BLONDE!" She cheered out, "I’m blonde! I’mblondei’mblondei’mblondei’mblonde!"



Reblogging this for the second time because I really want you guys to do this. D:


I ship myself with @spiritofmischief and you cant judge me.

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Piss my character off in three words.

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The viking and the princess ((ask-rapunzelofcorona))


Hiccup and Toothless were flying far far away from Berk for the very first time. He had finished with the dragon academy at his village and asked Astrid to take over for a while. Hiccup has always wanted to go on an adventure with Toothless far beyond their village and now was his chance. They then reached a cove where a waterfall flowed down to the ground. He then saw a tall strange tower a few feet away from the waterfall and pointed it out to Toothless. “Toothless, down there.” Toothless began to descend towards the ground and Hiccup hopped of off him. He looked up towards the tower as his feet met the ground. “What is this….”

Rapunzel let her long, long hair fly around as she rested her head on the windowsill, she then looked down and saw a boy and a..huge beast. She didn’t clearly see it, it had wings..really big…and hopefully it doesn’t use those claws to chop her hair off. She then did this squeal where not a sound came out, that means she was frightened for an amount of time. She got her frying pan and looked down again, “Who are you?” She said in a loud manner, trying to act brave and intimidating. Well, she wasn’t intimidating at all. “And what is that?” She used her pan to point to the black animal. Pascal, her chameleon, then puffed his chest out, also trying to look brave and intimidating to the animal. But, also failing. 

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I am jealous of some of the OOC relationships people have with one another.

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